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Haven't been on my LJ in ages so I guess it's time for an update.

There hasn't been very much happening in my life.
Let's see the second season of Sherlock came and want and left me hating cliffhanger endings even more. It also left me with a huge fancrush on Irene Adler, such a wicked and beautiful character and the actress that play her made her even greater.

I also have a new favorite tv-show, Once upon a time is a great show that lights up my week.

I also been thinking of seeking a new job, after almost 7 years where I work now I want to see what the rest of the world has to offer but at the same time I really like where I work now. I have great workbuddies and not a to hard job. Sure I want to strangle some of the students from time to time but no place is perfect so who knows I might stay where I am a year more.

I also been sick alot the last 6 months which is always annoying! My mom has been on my arse to go too the doctor to check if there is something deeper that is at fault when it comes to how often I have been sick lately but I am being stubborn idiot and refuses to do that. My fear of needles and doctors has reared it's evil head everytime this subject comes up, plus I am not sure i want to know if there is something serious wrong with me. I am living after the motto: What I don't know can't hurt me. Stupid I know but I can't seem to make myself to see reason.


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